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Dave Gray Former Lowell Public Schools Aspen System Administrator Current Follett School Solutions Aspen Configuration Specialist

Add Color to Your Fields

Color CodesAre there some values that are stored on the student table (or any table) that you would like to stand out? You can add color to your field backgrounds or text. To accomplish this you create a Data Dictionary extension that can be assigned to the reference tables you want to add color to.

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Unique Contact Emergency Priorities

OpeningAre you having trouble keeping contacts in order? Do you find individual students wind up with a number of contacts with a priority of 1 or 0? Use Aspen functionality to force priorities to be unique.

Each contact should have a unique Emergency Priority, but Aspen will allow you to enter the same value multiple times. This can result in the system returning an unexpected result when a report, export, or field set is set to display the higher priority contact.

You can leverage the User Unique Fields option on the details of a data table to require each contact to have a unique Emergency Priority.

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