Class Lists – More Than Just Rosters

rosterThe default “Class Lists” report in Aspen displays the roster of students for each section in the master schedule. Definitely useful but somewhat boring. Fortunately there is plenty of potential for this report, especially with the first day of school upon us (or already past in many cases!). Keep reading for a couple of quick customizations you can add to the “Class Lists” report for your district.

Class Lists with Account Info

I created a report called “Class Lists with Account Info” that has a customized format to display columns for each student’s Aspen login ID and password.


This worked great in our district because students have the same credentials for Aspen as well as Google Apps and our network directory. Teachers can run the report directly from the Gradebook tab and help students get logged in during the first few days of class. It’s saved many phone calls and emails to the help desk to answer the question, “What’s my password again?”

Class Lists for Teachers Absent Today

Just last week a colleague from another district asked if there was a way to print class lists for a particular set of teachers, specifically those teachers who were absent today. This person worked in a district with a large high school where on any given day ten or more staff could be absent. Convert that to the number of classes they teach and you’ve got a long list of sections to select from the master schedule! Instead of a manual selection or running lots of queries on primary staff, I suggested adding an option to the report under “Sections to include” for “Staff absent today.”


The customization also required an update to the Java source to get the query working. The result is a report that saves lots of time every day. Here are the files:

Endless Possibilities

I know there are plenty of other possibilities with the “Class Lists” report and I’m sure you’ve implemented some for your district. Share your best customizations in the comments below.

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