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  1. Teachers want to upload documents for themselves, but Options > Add is not available.
  2. Teachers want to see Student Journal entries across all students…but there’s no screen for this.
  3. Specialists would like a convenient way to see all 504 plans for a school, or across the district.

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フルオーダー、プライベートルーム壁面収納、タンス there is a relationship between the screen I’m viewing and the field I want to add, so why don’t I have the option to add it?!
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  • Because each school was responsible for printing these instead of one administrator, there was a possibility that the report cards were being printed at different times with different inputs
  • All of these copies were stored in different locations (at each school)
  • It was difficult for users to find these copies when needed
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  1. Create a job that executes the export to generate the data file
  2. Create a job that executes the ★ポイント最大7倍★【全国配送可】-セパラブルカバー 一口(DURAN(R)) 243984605 TS29/32 SCHOTT/DURAN 型番243984605  JAN4032051030213 aso1-8494-01 -【研究用機器】 to send that file
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