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Community Service Totals by Student and Category


This analytic definition sums the hours across “Community Service” records stored within the Student Event Tracking table by student by year by category (e.g. Town, School, Church, etc.).

Analytic ID MA-HNV-STD-CS-02
District Hanover Public Schools
Developer Brian Ciccolo

Post-Import Adjustments

The query for this analytic must be updated in the following manner before using in your district:

  1. Update TRK_FIELDA_001 to the user-field you have defined for tracking the number of community service hours.
  2. Update TRK_FIELDB_002 to the user-field you have defined for tracking the community service category.
  3. Update the value for TRK_EVENT_TYPE to whatever code you have defined to indicate a community service record (the value used in the bundle is “Community Service”).


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