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MCAS Long Comp Files


This import creates Document records for the MCAS long composition PDF files. Those PDF files are expected to be compressed within a ZIP file which is then imported.

Import ID MA-MRS-STD-002
District Marshfield, MA
Developer Laura Tilton, Brian Ciccolo
Data File Format A ZIP file that contains PDF files
Default Navigation N/A

Data File


The source file must be a ZIP-compressed file that contains a set of PDF files, there should not be any nested folders within the ZIP archive. Each PDF file should be named as [bookletNumber].pdf.


Input Parameters

Input Window

Document type The type code that will be set on the imported Document records
Document format The format code that will be set on the imported Document records, this should be something like “PDF”
Testing year The school year when the MCAS test was administered; the year will be included in the document filename

Post-Import Adjustments

The alias bookletNumber must be defined on a field in the Student table in order for this import to run.


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