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SSH Multi-File Transfer Procedure


This procedure is an enhancement to Follett's SSH File Transfer Procedure that can send/receive multiple files at once.

Procedure ID WA-MKT-ADM-001
District Mukilteo School District
Developer Jeff Donley
Default Navigation N/A

Input Parameters

Input Window

Server IP address or DNS name for the SFTP site
User Id Username for SFTP site
Password Password for SFTP site
Port Port number (typically 22 for SSH)
Max Connection Attempts Maximum number of connection attempts (Default=3)
Seconds Between Attempts Number of milliseconds to wait between attempts (Default=3000)
Transfer direction Send or Receive
Local Folder Path Path to folder where files will transfer to/from (depending upon direction)
Local Files Comma-delimited list of files to transfer; file names can include wildcards
Remote file name Path on the SFTP site; typically the slash character (/)

Post-Import Adjustments

There are no adjustments required for this procedure. Simply import the bundle and the procedure is ready to run.


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