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Community Service Submission


This workflow allows students to summit community service hours. The submission is then verified by an administrator before posting the data to the student's record.

District Hanover Public Schools
Developer Brian Ciccolo

Post-Import Adjustments

Data Dictionary Setup

The procedure expects the following aliases to be defined on the “Student Event Tracking” table in the district's Data Dictionary:

Alias Field Description
cs-category The community service category code
cs-event The community service event name
cs-hours The number of community service hours
cs-supervisor The supervisor's name
cs-supervisor-email The supervisor's email address
cs-supervisor-phone The supervisor's phone number

The definitions for these fields should match the fields with corresponding aliases on the “Community Service Submission” table found in the MA-HNV-STD-CS-01 Extended Data Dictionary.

Procedure Updates

The “sendEmail()” method in the “Community Service Workflow Procedure” expects students to have a school-assigned email address based on their Aspen login ID. If this is the case for your district, then update the “SCHOOL_EMAIL_SUFFIX” constant:

private static final String SCHOOL_EMAIL_SUFFIX = "";

If this is not the case for your district (most likely) then look for these lines:

// CC the school email address if it's different from the primary email address
String schoolEmailAddress = student.getPerson().getUser().getLoginName() + SCHOOL_EMAIL_SUFFIX;
if (primaryEmailAddress.equalsIgnoreCase(schoolEmailAddress))
    schoolEmailAddress = null;

And replace them with:

String schoolEmailAddress = null;


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